All about Hattie .......

I am lucky enough to have been able to merge my two favourite things, Interiors, and travel.

My time traveling is what inspires Hattie Lloyd designs from adventures overseas to exploring closer to home in and around the UK.  When visiting places every now then I get a Hattie Lloyd moment. This moment is when I see something, and I know it has Hattie Lloyd wallpaper potential. From the hustle of the streets of Hanoi or Puffins in Northumberland. A little voice whispers ‘that’s gorgeous, you have to do something with that’. I hope that isn’t a sign of madness 😊

This is why Hattie Lloyd designs are the Wanderlust of Wallpapers.  The designs are bold, imaginative and most are super colourful, so we are best friends with anyone who is ‘Interiors Brave’ and loves to make a statement.

And, hello from me ......

Hello, I am Leanne and the creator of Hattie Lloyd Home. My three favourite things are travel, interior design and seeing my wallpaper become a part of someone’s interior project.

My designs are inspired by moments and photographs I have taken on my travels. I print my designs in small batches of 12 rolls at a time so when you buy a Hattie Lloyd design it is always a limited edition.

Thank you for visiting the Hattie Lloyd shop and I hope you are all fired up to make your interiors dream a reality.



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