Reminiscing on how my decor obsession began …..

22 April 2020 · News

I was quite the rebel when I was younger and left home before I did my GCSE’s at 16 and when I was 17, I rented my own council flat.  I have mentioned before my love for the programme ‘Changing Rooms’ so I couldn’t wait to transform my new flat with my twenty pence budget.

I was studying A-Level Art at the time. I loved art and really loved learning about all the quirky characters that artist stereotypically are.  I was inspired to make my home the best ‘Changing Room’ flat ever.

This is when I decided that I would replicate ‘Composition C, 1935 by Piet Mondrian’ on the entire length of my hallway wall, let’s say approximately 4 meters in width. I painted the walls white, the woodwork black then bought bright red cheap commercial cord carpet. Then 12 rolls of masking tape later I completed my masterpiece. I wish I had printed the pictures from my disposable camera to prove it. Two weeks later I moved to London and I can only say sorry to whoever inherited my little council flat.



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