Hiding behind the wallpaper

28 February 2020 · News

It’s Official! I have had to come out from hiding behind my wallpaper.  It would be easy to hide behind it forever as I believe Hattie Lloyd’s designs are what everyone really wants to see.

My name is Leanne and I live in York, England. I have spent my life loving Interior Design. I was an A grade student in Art at school. Just like most 18-year olds I couldn’t wait to leave what I thought then was a one-horse town and was drawn to the bright lights and fun of London. So quit school and chased the dollar.

After a 12-year career in advertising my heartstrings were being drawn back to my true calling of designing and interiors.  Hattie Lloyd Home was created, and I began selling homeware where I searched at home and on my travels for unique items.   I had some designs I had worked on and visited a wallpaper manufacture as I was super curious about how it all worked and if my designs were compatible.

The wallpaper manufacture was an amazing place I had never experienced before.  Instantly the smell of the hand-mixed paints and racing machines impressed me. Learning about all the different types of printing and the amazing effect the engineers had learnt to create with manipulating and upgrading their presses.

I entered a quieter room where people were quietly hand printing wallpaper for stately homes and palaces.  Boom! I knew then I wanted to be apart of this amazing process.  I still know that my designs aren’t for everyone, they can be loud and bold, and most are super colourful but the Chinese had their turn creating wallpaper hundreds of years ago, William Morris had his calling over a 100 years ago, I had my calling in 2015 and I was going to grab it with both hands.

So, hello from me, Leanne AKA Hattie Lloyd (I will explain that another time :)) and of course the sweetest soul, my gorgeous girl Bella the pooch from Thailand.



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