Marrakesh – The most fascinating place to experience

24 May 2018 · News

On a recent trip to Marrakesh, there was inspiration, colour and culture around every corner.  In the evening the vibrant square was a special experience with snake charmers, street food and friendly locals calling for us to come and explore their stalls.

When walking to find our accommodation it felt like we were walking through a scene in Star Wars with the dusty, winding streets tunnelling under buildings. When arriving at a huge wooden door, we knocked and when the door was answered we were welcomed into a beautiful Oasis – Our Riad.

The Moroccan’s defiantly know how to create amazing, enchanting ambience in their homes and businesses with décor. With dark lantern lighting merged with colourful luxurious fabrics, metals and accessories.

Here are some of the moments I captured with my camera from Marrakesh – The most fascinating place to experience.


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